Self Employed

Accounting Setup

At Modern Accountancy we recognise that all self-employed individuals operate very differently,and all have very different accounting needs. We will work with you to find the best way for you to keep accurate records. Not only does this ensure you remain legal, it also means you have upto date records when your self assessment is due. No more staying up until 3am searching through boxes of receipts at deadline day.

We have solutions from a simple ledger book and a pen, basic to advanced spreadsheets, up to full online accounting packages depending on your needs.

We can provide full training and advice on the best solution for you to ensure your records are upto date. This will also help you plan how much you need to put aside for tax payments.

We also design invoice templates, statements and letters to chase debts.

Self Assessment

Whether you use any of our other services or not, we are more than happy to assist you in completing your annual assessment, wherever you are located. Simply contact us, send in your paperwork by email or registered post, we will then arrange a convenient time to call you and discuss your return. We can then ensure you are maximising your allowances and claiming your full entitlements.